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Mama's, Spiritual Mamas, Aunts, Sisters, Grandmas, Deborah's , Esther's, Jaels, we are fighting and contending for our children in this nation. They are being aborted, human trafficked, their identity and genders are being attacked, sickness has been released. The enemy is out to take them out, but we SAY NO MORE.   



KEY- Authority we have through Jesus to declare and decree

Mama- Spritual or Natural Mamas.

Bear- Mama Bear

Arrow- Voice, Sound, Word of God, Propehcy , Releasing  the word , hitting the mark

Jael -Tent Peg to drive into the enemys plans

Bee- Deborah Means Bee, Deborah Arise

Crown- Esthers

Wing- Psalms 91- Our 911, Protection

Praying Mama Such A Time

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